Who Are We

Perfex was established in 1993. The name “Perfex” was derived from the combination of “perfection” and “excellence”. Many companies will claim to strive for the same or similar objectives. We put it in our name and we stand by our name.


We have been involved with SAP since 1996 and have now seen SAPs latest offer S/4 HANA with Fiori. SAP has had a great, robust product over many years with a breadth of functionality unparalleled. Initially businesses went to SAP as a means to consolidate disparate systems and provide for growth. As SAP has expanded its offerings and added components, and business departments have sought their own solutions, the single, fully integrated system is often not the landscape businesses now have.


We, as a business continue to support SAP, and assist businesses in finding system solutions whether that be in their existing SAP investment, or something else. We believe in less is more when it comes to application architecture.


Recently we were involved in a Workday HCM implementation and with Workday now providing Financial Management functionality, it may provide a progressive challenger in the ERP space in certain markets. It is certainly a fresh approach to how a system is hosted, implemented, and upgraded.


If you need a fresh look over your application landscape and an independent assessment of what next, contact us.