Thanks for the Opportunities

Perfex was established in 1993. The name “Perfex” was derived from the combination of “perfection” and “excellence”. Many companies will claim to strive for the same or similar objectives. We put it in our name and we stand by our name.

Perfex initially focussed on small to medium business software solutions and then extended to large corporate solutions. From 2010 to 2012, Perfex expanded to assisting small businesses with bookkeeping and bookkeeping solutions, including cloud based solutions. Cloud based solutions are now thriving, and numerous clients that Perfex has worked with continue to prosper and expand.

Effective from early 2014, Perfex is taking time out to re-assess where it should focus to best serve its stakeholders.

We appreciate all the opportunities we have had to date to help businesses of all sizes to both establish themselves, and evolve. 

Analyse - Simplify - Thrive